Sunday, April 1, 2012

Third Time's a Charm - Part Two

"His" story - part 2.
So if you're just joining now - go here for part 1.
So I was pregnant - for reals this time.  We sailed through the first trimester.  Then came the pains of the second and third.  I didn't really have morning sickness, but what I did have?!  Crazy awful back pain.  Like break my back back pain.  Nightmare.  But I mustered through and realized that this growing belly was causing it, and that is just fine by me.  Then came the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.  Which was just great because I type for a living.  So that was lots of fun too!  But other than those two things I really was a happy prego.  No major issues, no dilemmas with my little boy, he was growing, I was growing, and all was good in the world.  Then around week 37 I got the worst stomach bug ever.  Try hugging the porcelain throne for two days straight with a watermelon under your shirt.  It was probably one of the most uncomfortable situations...  Ever.
a few days before the nasty bug hit - my last belly shot 
  So the bug came and went.  The day after I was starting to feel a lot better.  But then started getting this excruciating, sharp pain in my stomach.  My first thought?  Something is wrong with my Babe.  So after putting heat on the pain for an hour and it not subsiding we decide to head to the hospital.  Better safe than sorry!  I got all checked out, I was dehydrated.  Well after being sick for the past two days it's no wonder.  The next day comes, it's Friday.  Laying in bed watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives(pregnant woman's dream..) and all the sudden I have this pain.  Not a sharp pain, but almost along the same lines as a gas pain or cramp.  Hmmm...  Since this was my first pregnancy, I wasn't sure if this was a contraction.  After an hour of timing these weird pains, I finally convinced myself that yes, these were contractions.  And they were getting worse.  Finally after two hours I woke up Josh and told him I think it's time.  We got our things together and headed for the hospital AGAIN(we were just there yesterday!).  So we get there and things really start getting real.  I was 1.5cm dilated and my contractions were crazy at this point, and all that back pain I felt during pregnancy was NOTHING compared to the back labor I was now experiencing.  If you have had back labor then you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't, I pray that you never do.  I soaked in the tub, rocked, walked, did everything I could think of to ease myself.  All that stuff I learned in my birthing class was pretty much useless at this point.  Nothing worked.  13 hours later and 3 cm dilated, I got my epidural.  I was determined to do this thing naturally - but knowing now how AMAZING an epidural is, I've never regretted getting it.  I was up all night in a crazy amount of pain, I needed sleep or there was NO way I was pushing this little guy out.  So I slept on and off all day, our families and close friends milled in and out.  Finally around 7 pm Saturday it was time to push.  My epidural was wearing off at this point and as weird as this sounds I was happy about that.  I could really feel the contractions and feel the urge to push and I think that helped.  I only pushed for about an hour, and after every push I said I couldn't go on, I couldn't do it anymore.  But I did, and I got the best reward ever.  
Max Alexander
Born May 8, 2010 @ 8:35 p.m.
7lbs, 6oz
18.5 inches
perfectly perfect.

my first picture with my little boy - love at first sight.
and here he is all cleaned up
So there ya have it.  
His arrival.  
The day my life was forever changed.  

Part 3 coming May 1st - the first days of motherhood :)


  1. I hear you on the back labour. I had it with my second baby, and I knew based on the irregular contractions it was going to be back labour. It was worse than the actual contractions.

    1. Yes, it's the worst, at 1cm I felt like I should have been at like 8, haha. At least the reward is good :) Thanks for comin' over!


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