Sunday, November 11, 2012


well friends.
it's been fun.
but i'm afraid i have to go.
i started this blog to share my journey through life and motherhood.
and it turned into something different.
it wasn't a bad thing...
but it's not what i intended.
i wanted something i could share with max someday.
i wanted a way to keep family and friends in the loop of our life.
so that's what i'm going to do.
from now on i'll be blogging at alexander road if you want to follow along, but...
beware -- there won't be recipes.  there won't be diy.  and there won't be any fashion fridays, tuesday ten or anything else.. 
it's going to be purely for my little boy. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

rocked me.

i don't know about all of you, but i've had enough of this election talk.
i hate politics, and i don't think any politician is going to make american what i want it to be.
not for me, but for my son, and the future of this country.
that's all i'm going to say about it, b/c i honestly don't like to talk politics, and i'm sure you've all had enough of it, just like i have! 
so let's take a lighter route today.  let's go back a few decades shall we?
i wasn't born during this era.
but i definitely wish i was.
classic rockers have my heart.
i'd totally have been their groupies.
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tom petty
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bob dylan
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john lennon
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the boss
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jimi hendrix
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the stones
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lindsey buckingham
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jim morrisson
i need a time machine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i won the lottery!

in my dreams i won the lottery.
in real life i won nada.
but i do dream about winning the lottery.
quite a bit actually, but winning would require actually playing.
and that i don't.
but i'll still dream.
10 things you would do/buy if you won the lottery --
1.  buy a house in cape may, nj.  one of the old, amazing houses that are perched on tree lined streets.  oh how we love those houses. 
2.  an old farm house as our main home.  i dream of these.
3.  a new car.  actually, a new suv.  i'm not a girl who wants a corvette, ferrari, or any of those kinds of things.  i'd gladly take this
 or this
yes, i'd love a van.  and no, i have no clue why.
4.  a new wardrobe - again, nothin' fancy, just a shopping spree and be able to buy whatever i like!
5.  camera equipment and a class to learn how to use it all.
6.  a vacation somewhere amazing and tropical for me & my entire family.
7.  a european vacation for me, max & josh.  and i mean all over.  italy, greece, france, germany, wherever the wind takes us.
8.  donate - i'd donate a lot of it to animal, children's and cancer research charities.
9.  three horses, and a barn to keep them in.  one for max, one for my mom, and one for my mother in law. 
10.  whatever else i feel like buying at the time.  new computer?  a pool?  a treadmill?  probably just some random stuff.
happy tuesday.