Monday, April 2, 2012


I've been pinning a lot of stuff like a crazy woman lately.  I go through spurts.  Sometimes I do a lot of "doing" and sometimes I do a lot of "pinning".  But, I think that's how I flow.  Gotta pin and get inspired to actually get ideas for the whole "doing" thing.  Also, and honestly, I haven't had a ton of time for the doing.  We've been battling illnesses in the house for what seems like forever, plus working full time, running a house, oh and just the small jobs of bein' a Momma and Wifey to my boys.  Here are a few things that have inspired me lately...  
Lemon.  Monkey.  Bread.  Oh my.
lemon monkey bread...  i'm crazy about lemon lately!
chalkboard "logs"
I love these, maybe not for Easter, or in pastels, but the concept - love.
lemon garlic tuna burger
lemon garlic tuna burger, this looks so great for spring/summer
pb blondies w/ choc ganache
Peanut butter blondies(I'm a sucker for a blondie!) with chocolate ganache(and an even bigger sucker for ganache!)
For my sanibel shells
I adore this - I have a ton of beautiful shells I collected on our trip to Sanibel and this would be the perfect  setting for those.
fresh corn and tomato salad. absolutely delicious and perfect for summer.
tomato & corn salad, HOW delicious does this look?!
reason #298 to keep my hair SHORT! love.
I'm attempting to grow my hair out - long.  But I think this will make an appearance during the "growout".
Bubble Skirt Tutorial!
I love this cute little skirt - I want to make it for my niece. 
and last but certainly not least - gotta post the ecard funny!
yepp - worked for me!

Happy Monday friends.  :)


  1. This post made me so hungry! Lol

    1. Omg, I know! Everytime I am on Pinterest this happens, I am starving then for something super delicious :) Thanks for comin' over, xo.

  2. Isn't Pinterest the best? Thanks for checking out our blog and following us. We are now your newest follower!

    1. Thanks for comin' over! :) And yes, Pinterest is the best. Almost a little too much so!


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