Saturday, October 6, 2012

in a nutshell

today in a nutshell.
up at 5:30 - 8 mile run
quick shower & prep dinner for the crock pot
potty time, no nap, tensions flare, spilled wine, cuddles, sigh.
umm, yes.  that was my saturday.
started good, we're 2 weeks away from the half marathon and i'm getting excited.  came home, was productive.  then reality hit.  we're in the throws of potty training.  it's not fun.  josh left to go watch the psu football game at his parent's (b/c we nixed our cable, remember that bright idea?).  max would not go down for a nap.  i was exhausted.  we watched way too many episodes of little einstein's and sat on the potty all afternoon pretty much.  josh came home, we had dinner, relaxed (as in, not relaxing at all..), i stepped away for 2.2 seconds and left josh in charge.  max spilled my glass of red win all over a bin of toys.  that was fun to clean up.  finally it was bed time.  i feel horrible for saying i was counting down the seconds.  but i was counting down the seconds.  terrible twos and potty training sure does take it's toll. 
but then we cuddled before bed, i got lots of kisses (unheard of), and now i'm enjoying an unspilled glass of wine. 
little boys with little undies are seriously too cute (i say that in the least creepy sense possible).  even when potty training sucks.
stressed, tired momma.

notre dame and wine.  that helps.

happy saturday!


  1. i make sure to make the focus on being dry, as opposed to focusing on the #1 and 2. i model with stuffed toys, having them potty. i put them on every 30 min for 5 min. once they go, i do every hour for 5 min, constantly repeating the process of having to go/staying dry etc. by then you should have an estimate of how often he goes.

    1. thanks, i'll take any tips/advice i can get! he went on the potty great all weekend. yesterday though? not once. so we're a work in progress!


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