Friday, October 5, 2012

fashion friday

oh friday i've been waiting for you. 
and today i have off work.
and max is at daycare.
it's mommy day - which should be filled with something fun.
but is not.  well at least mostly not.
it's filled with breakfast with a friend(fun!), hair cut, cleaning the house, laundry. 
yeah, fun.
this post is as about much fun as today holds.
until dinner that is. 
(you'll find out what that is soon enough!)

blazer by lyuro57 featuring acetate sunglasses

i want a black blazer - asap.  but if you know me, you know i'm not dressy, frilly, or polished for that matter (most days anyway!).  so i'd have to edge it up, but i want one nonetheless.

Pinned Image


chambray by lyuro57 featuring knit hats

chambray shirts - i looove these things.  i've seen them paired with summer's maxi skirts and colored denim and i love it both ways.

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colored pants

colored pants by lyuro57 featuring kate spade earrings

ahhh and back to colored denim.  want some of those too.  preferably purple.  and preferably with this cozy cardi.

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boot cuff

boot cuff by lyuro57 featuring a knit cardigan

boot cuffs.  i find these things so cute, and lets face it, i have more than enough boots.  so why not jazz 'em up with some of these.  perfect for a fall outdoor activity (like drinking hard cider on my back porch...).  now if only i owned these fry veronica slouch boots.  if only.

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happy friday friends!


  1. LOVE all these pics Lindsay, I'm a huge fan of black blazers - at last count I think I had 5?! Maybe the word is obsessed lol :-)

    Vanessa x

    1. i have a big fat 0 - definitely on my want list!


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