Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wiaw and a take two

remember that whole clean eating thing i started a while back?  well that kind of fizzled for a moment.  i'll blame it on a busy summer filled with delicious beverages and yummy food.  i can blame it on a million factors, but the truth is i got lazy.  now that fall has hit and my schedule is empty, here we go for round 2.  i've got plenty of time for cooking and preparing meals.  that's the hardest part, and that's not even hard.  hopefully by the time a busy season hits again i'll be so in the swing of things it won't matter anyway!  with that said - what i ate wednesday........
bowl of pumpkin coconut baked oatmeal - swimmin' in skim milk w/ a drizzle of honey

wasa crisp n' light cracker bread topped with a mashed hardboiled egg mixed with a little yellow mustard

my new favorite, all thanks to the linkin' up host here - sweet potato topped with some hot, fresh salsa and plain greek yogurt, sooo delish

banana, scarfed down too fast so here's all that's left of that.  and some marcona almonds

mushroom barley soup - just had a few spoonfuls to make sure it was as amazing as it smelled (and it was), the recipe is coming soon!

penne with sauteed spinach, chicken meatballs and some trader joe's bruschetta - OH, and some sharp white cheddar.  nom.

happy wiaw!


  1. Can't ever go wrong with a simple pasta like yours above! So delicious :)

    1. no you can't, they're the best, easiest & most versatile meals ever! :)

  2. Hahah I tried healthy eating too. Turns out I just love chocolate too much. ;) Good for you though! Everything looks really yummy! Especially the pumpkin oatmeal!

    1. don't let this post fool you - usually there is always a sweet treat consumed at some point during the day, yesterday just happened to be exceptionally healthy :)


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