Thursday, September 27, 2012


it's time for the goods of the week! 
and it's almost friday, so hooray for that.

i never had hard cider.  in fact, i never knew it even existed.  well now i do, and let's just say i'm happy about it.  uhh - YUM yum yum.

i've tried my share of ryvita and wasa crackers and flat breads.  they leave a lot to be desired.  well these are a whole other story.  light, airy, crispy andddd delicious.  perfect for sweet or savory toppings!

dark chocolate covered coffee beans.  you had me at dark chocolate.  then again at coffee.  and together, i'm in heaven.

max's new shoes - en route as we speak.  seriously, how cute?  and on sale at zappos.

and that's all she wrote.  sorry the list is a tad wimpy this week.  forgive me, and go drink some hard cider and forget all about it.


  1. Angry Orchard is by far my favorite Hard Cider. Super yummy!

    1. I never had it or heard of it, and now i'm sad i've been missing out all this time! :)

  2. Oh yum! I've had chocolate covered espresso beans before, but it's been such a long time!! I need to go find them now!

    1. i've had the espresso beans before too, they kinda taste the same as these! yes, go find them, YuM!


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