Thursday, September 6, 2012


it's tilt time. 
what, you ask?
things i love thursday.  duh.

ya know when people say, and last but not least.  well this, my friends, is first because it's the most amazing thing i've come across as of late.  i found this at the beach in a cute little shop and walked away without it.  days later i was still thinking about how amazing it smelled, so i called the store adn they graciously shipped it to me.  i. am. so. in. love.

this is nothing spectacular - BUT, for all of my lazy friends out there (holla!), this one's for you.  i'm sorry, but i'm too lazy to separate eggs and also too cheap to waste all my yolks!

i love arnold brand bread.  there aren't a ton of ingredients in the list, which is great. i've been doing the clean eating thing, and eating "clean" bread too.  but it leaves a little to be desired.  it's not as soft and fluffy and regular bread.  so this, for now, is my happy medium.  it's super soft and fluffy, tastes amazing and is low in calories.

rex goliath red zinfandel - fall calls for red wine, and this stuff is aaaamaze.  not only do i love it, but my wallet does too.  it's under $10, and that is something special.  well not really, but i rarely spend more than $10-$15 on wine, maybe it's because i drink so much of the stuff.  or maybe i'm cheap.  who knows, but what i do know is that cheap wine doesn't have to be cheap wine.  stuff tastes good i tell ya!

this app has saved my life.  or sanity.  maybe both.  ever been in the car and a song comes on and for the life of you, you can't think of the name of it or who sings it.  happens to me all the time.  and i always try to remember it and sing it to the next person i see so they can lead me to the name.  but then i forget, and drive myself crazy over it.  well all you have to do is "click to shazam" and it tells you the song, and then also give you the option to buy it in itunes.  thank you music gods!

that wraps up this weeks edition of things i love thursday, happy almost weekend friends!

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