Monday, July 23, 2012

what i ate.

so today was my vacation detoxification.  sorta.  kinda.
that's how it started out and i intended it to be.  but then that glass, ahem, carafe of wine was calling my name!

well, i'd love to show you the pictures of what i ate.  but my computer/phone/downloading abilities are NOT cooperating at all right now.  nice.  because not having photos for a what i ate post is just so enthralling.  i know.  so the pictures you're about to see might require a magnifying glass.  ugh.

breakfast was oikos strawberry greek yogurt, ground flax, sunflower seeds & blueberries. 
 oh, and of course coffee with 1 tsp sugar and a splash of milk.  

mid morning snack was a handful of marcona almonds and a few snapeas crisps.  and can i just say, snapea crisps are SO friggin' yummy.  i could eat the entire bag.  

then we have lunch - baby romaine, ground chicken, bleu cheese & gazebo room lite dressing.  of course i then had three squares of trader joe's 75% dark chocolate.  gotta have a little bit of chocolate, i'll never deny myself of that.  never ever.  
afternoon snack was two kiwis.  did you know you can halve a kiwi and scoop out the fruit?  i did not.  now i do.  hallelujah!  

dinner we had roasted tomatoes with cheese and fresh basil, roasted potatoes and a pork roast in the crock pot.  

easy roast - cover half with water, throw in a few splashes of red wine vinegar and spice it up (i used s&p, garlic powder and thyme).  cook that on low for 6-8 hours.  

then this guy came into my life.  a miniature carafe that i bought at the winery on vacay.  darn that thing.  so i filled 'er up and enjoyed.  whatever.  ;)

got this tea in my love with food box - review on that later - this tea smelled so good.  almost like perfume.  unfortunately it kinda tasted florally and perfumey too.  sad, because i was really excited about it.  but it was alright, i still drank it.  just not my fav!

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