Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tuesday ten - the wish list.

oh come on, we all have a wish list of things we'd LOVE to have.  but probably never will.
at least that's kinda how my wish list goes anyway.


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okay, so here goes nothing........  I WISH:
old farm house.  nothing huge, nothing new.  just an old farm house.  preferably with a front porch.  if you threw in a horse and some chickens let's just say i wouldn't be upset.
to go on a trip to bora bora - for like a month.  in one of these cute huts.
a kitchenaid mixer.  i've wanted one of these for so long.  this color would be perfection.
i've wanted these for so long too.  i just can't muster up the strength to spend this much on a pair of shades.  although my urge to own them is slowly taking over.
this kitchen.  or one like it.  as long as it's huge, has an island, is mismatchy and cozy i'm fine with it!
for this to be the view from my back door.
and this to be the view out the front.
they don't really even match...  but basically i want to live on a backroad with nothing around me but trees, fields & fresh air.
her wardrobe.  love.
a cottage on the beach.  i don't want a mansion, just a cozy little beachy house that overlooks the ocean.
a pool.  especially after seeing how much max enjoyed swimming & water play on vacation.  plus, who doesn't want to loung on a raft in gorgeous water when it's hot?
a maid.  i hate cleaning.  i'm so over it.  the house is dirty the second i'm done, so what's the point?  i mean trust me, i can't stand messes & dirt, but cleaning is my least favorite thing ever.  and laundry?  don't even get me started....
happy tuesdayyyyyyyy!


  1. Wow! I would totally dig any and all of your wishes. They are very, kinda scarily, similar to what my top ten would be. I like you more and more with each passing post!

    1. we have more in common than we think... it just all keeps coming out slowly but surely hah!


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