Saturday, July 21, 2012

vaca week recap

i'm back!!
there's good news & bad news...
good news - i'm back!
bad news - i lost my camera cord so can't upload my pics (insert sad face here)
but i do have a few from my camera to share until then!

we stayed at the governor's green in williamsburg, VA - it was beautiful, clean, and had a lot of ammenities that were great for families with children.  indoor & outdoor pool, hot tubs, play grounds, pond/ducks, game room, mini golf...  we had a blast!
adult bevs were flowin' - my drink of choice most afternoons was a rum n' coke
me & little man at the 4d pirates show at busch gardens
painted my nails a robin egg blue before we went, and splured on a top coat that was supposedly strong enough to make them last for up to 10 days.  well this was 3 days in, so lesson learned.
we went to the pool one evening and max finally got used to the water.  he had a blast.
and made a friend who gave him her noodle.
kids napped, i tanned.
my dad & i visited the williamsburg winery for a wine tasting.  not only was it beautiful, but the wine was good too!
these were the little guys who came to visit us multiple times a day
my sister, brother in law and myself went out for an adult dinner while my parents watched the kiddos.  we all got "flights", they were yummy!
and this was my dinner - crab a bella - YUM.  it was a jasmine rice pilaf with fresh tomatoes topped with a portabella mushroom, sauteed spinach, crab cake & melted provolone.  it was delicious, and everyone else enjoyed their meals as well.  i also had a cup of veggie bisque to start, and we shared the shrimp boats.  if you're ever in the area i suggest stopping by food for thought - great restaurant!

so again, i'm back!  hopefully i can post the rest of my pictures very soon, gotta find my cord or get a new one asap.  i hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed the ladies who came by to visit.  i'll be back to the normal routine monday.  happy weekend!

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