Wednesday, July 25, 2012

love with food.

i got my love with food box the other day.  
excitement was an understatement.
i've been wanting to try out one of these sample box deals.  but they're always beauty products or something along those lines, and i don't use a ton of that.  so when i came across this website i got very very excited.  

the goods.

my july box included:
organic blue corn "tor chia" chips by whale tales
yummy earth fruity organic lollipops
sweet corn crunch by sensible foods
milk chocolate hot fudge dessert topping by sanders candy
sunburst green iced tea by mighty leaf tea
organic spring jasmine tea by mighty leaf tea
chipotle ketchup by montebello kitchens
patriotic poppers

i was not disappointed!  i am stoked about everything that i got to try out.  i've tried a few things already, and the rest very very soon.  follow up post with reviews to come!


  1. OMG!! I love food. I want one of those!!

    1. i am obsessed haha! it's $12/box, and with every box they donate a meal to a family in need, so it's a win win :)

  2. What a great idea! I signed up to a beauty box but am going to cancel it as I never use any of it.... a food box would be soooo much better :-)

    Vanessa x
    P.S pop over & check out my jewellery giveaway!

    1. yes, i feel like i'd never use the beauty things - at least not as much as i'd consume the food :) let me know if you sign up & love it!

  3. This is so cool! I too have wanted to try one of the sample boxes, but I'm not into beauty products either, and they seem a little wasteful to me, but this! is brilliant. I have to check this out. :)


    1. my thoughts exactly, i'd probably waste half of those beauty products or have zero use for them. trust me though, i ate/will eat all the food :)


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