Thursday, July 26, 2012

book review. the mosquito coast.

time for a little book lovin'...  (or not.)

the mosquito coast by paul theroux

this book took me FOREVER to finish.  and it's not that it wasn't good.  it was.  but unless a book really has me in it's grips, i can't commit.  every single time i opened this book i fell asleep.  lol.  again, it wasn't bad, it wasn't boring, i just wansn't that into it.  i will never not finish a book - with the exception of the girl with the dragon tattoo (i hated it, i know most love it, i didn't like it AT all and just didn't want to read it, so i stopped) and the witching hour (i got pregnant, got pregnant brain & fatigue and didn't read anything for 7 months other than baby books).  i digress -- i read it, i finished it, thank the lord!  it's about a family living in the ne united states.  the dad's a bit of a genius quack and packs them up and moves them to the coast of honduras.  many things happen, they start a life, ruin the life, travel, boat, and lots of stuff in between.  the dad was hilarious, he had me laughing the things he said!  but that's about as into it as i got.  if you're like my husband and can read anything, give it a try.  if you need a page turner in your life, skip over this guy!

up next:  black heels to tractor wheels by ree drummond
(for all your pioneer woman lovers out there!!)


  1. I love reading! I too finish almost every book I start except for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Kite Runner. I couldn't handle either one of those books.
    Your next book looks good. You should look into "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton. Loved it! She's a blogger and a first time author.

    1. i'll have to check out bloom next! i'm hoping to get some quality reading time in this weekend, but ya know how that goes :)


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