Saturday, July 14, 2012


you didn't expect to hear from me so soon, huh? 
well my lovely, amazing, thoughtful sister brought her laptop (happy face!!).
so here i am!

i don't have much for ya, other than we're just now getting into vacation mode, at least i just am.

we drove 5 hours with toddlers/babies.
it wasn't that fun.
we went swimming.
we had maniacs running around our suite.
we visited colonial williamsburg earlier, but i don't have my camera cord so i can't show ya pictures just yet.
then the babes started melting down.  and it was hot.  and i had blisters forming on my feet from my flip flops (on top of the blisters that formed from running the other night). 
it wasn't fun. 
then i went to the gym and ran.
then i came home, drank coffee in silence, had some wine and relaxed until max woke up.
now we're having fun.
the stressed of driving, traveling and melting down in the heat have faded.
we're unpacked, settled & finally enjoying vacation.

here are the two pictures i have for you to see.  plus a video b/c it's oh so cute.  love & miss you daddy!

this is where we're staying, it's great.  lots of amenities (indoor pool, outdoor pool with kiddie area, mini golf, playgrounds, and most importantly ducks that come visit)

that's an open beer bottle.  yepp, the adult beverages flow on vacation.  i'm not gonna lie. 
and this is the man of the hour - this video is for daddy, but it's too cute not to show.  he misses you guys too, and loves you.  oh, and hi!
happy weekend lovelies!

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  1. Have a great vacation! The traveling aspect of vacations are generally stressful, especially with little ones. I'm glad you are getting into the groove-thang of vaca!


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