Friday, July 13, 2012

fashion fun guest post - tranae

hi friends!  today i have a special guest blogger over for you, she's one of my newest blogging buds and she's amazing!  so read on, then go check her out ASAP!

Hey fabulous folks! My name is Tranae and I blog Becoming Fabulous

The lovely Lindsay is on vacation this week, so I thought I would invade her blog for a little while. Thanks a million for having me Lindsay and I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

I love traveling but since enrolling in grad school most of our vacation fund has been spent on books and tuition. However, we recently booked a cruise to the Bahamas and even though we are months away from I’ve been pinning cute outfits like crazy.  So today, I thought I would share my ideal Bahamas wardrobe.

Day 1- Sailing to the Bahamas

Day 2- Nassau
This will be our second time going to Nassau and I’m so excited to return to paradise island. The watersides and aquarium are amazing. I’m a little on the shy side when it comes to swimsuit so a one piece is a must.

Source: via Tranae on Pinterest

Day 3- Fun At Sea
The fun at sea days are always exciting. This is usually the time when the boat is in full swing. Check out my daytime & nighttime outfits.

Source: via Tranae on Pinterest

Day 4- Freeport
This will be our first visit to Freeport, Bahamas so we plan we plan to do some sightseeing.

Day 5- Returning Home
Its about a 5-hour drive from the port to our house so comfy jeans and shoes is a must have. 

So what you think? Which outfit is your favorite?


a huge thanks to Tranae for stopping by, isn't she just great?  i can tell you that my favorite outfit is definitely day 3 & day 4, i love those!!! 

hope you're all having a great week, be back soon, xoxo!

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