Wednesday, July 11, 2012

clean "desserts"

the only thing i struggle with while clean eating is the "sweets".  i have a major sweet tooth.  major as in i'll down half a cake in one sitting if the mood strikes me.  well that's not exactly clean, or healthy, or normal?!  so i've been on the search for some sweet treats that fit the bill.  here are two of my favorites of late...

a bowl full of this(about a cup), plus a dollop of peanut butter, strawberry jam & kashi go lean.  YUM.  it's like a PB&J but better.  

spread some PB on these babies and toss on a few semi-sweet chocolate chips - like a makeshift PB cup, mmm!  it totally hits the spot...
i'm still in search of sweet treats because if i'm being honest, they're a major part of my life diet ME.  so if you have any great sweet treats that are clean or i can turn clean, send 'em my way! 


  1. Here are a few ideas!
    1. Make smoothies! Strawberries, ice, greek yogurt, peaches, etc.
    2. Choc Graham Crackers and Fat Free Cool Whip can make an ice cream sandwich... not exactly clean...
    3. Straberries filled with cheese cake mix (if you need the extra sweet).
    4. There are probably some great ideas on Pinterest!

    P.S. I love that yogurt! Yum!

    1. that all sounds so good, and i'm obsessed with pinterest, so i'll have no problem w/ that :)

  2. We LOVE Stonyfield Farms yogurts and are lucky that they are made just a few miles from us! :)

    1. wow, you ARE lucky, i'm very jealous!!


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