Tuesday, July 10, 2012


it's been hot here.  hotter than hot.  so dinners have been sandwiches, salads, or things on the grill.  i've got two amazing grilled items to share with you.  ah-maze-ing.

grilled tomatoes with cheese.
grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.
uhhhh, YUM.

these things have literally changed my life, and they're SO simple.  i make enough to have leftovers for lunches and they're great reheated too!  all you need is tomatoes, cheese, garlic powder, S&P.  you can add pretty much anything to them, any spice or cheese you'd like.  i just use those spices and whatever cheese i have on hand, made them with cabot seriously sharp and they were seriously delicious.  second time around i used mexican blend shredded cheese and they were delicious that way too.  i honestly don't think you can go wrong, if you like tomatoes & cheese, you'll be a happy griller.  so here's the dish - spray a piece of foil with cooking spray, place your slices of tomatoes on the foil (i usually get 3-4 slices from a tomato depending on the size, they're fairly thick).  top with your spices and cheese and place your foil sheet on a grill over medium for 5-7 minutes until they're soft/tender.  you can eat these as is, or they're also really great over rice or pasta.  i think these would be great with some fresh basil, thyme or cilantro.  so fresh, so easy.

and here's dessert -- grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.  this could not be more simple or more mouth watering, i promise you that.  halve a peach (free stone!) and place your peach "wet" side down on a piece of foil on a grill over medium heat.  about 5 minutes in flip your pieces to skin side down and let them cook for another 4-5 minutes until they're soft.  place them in a boil and top with vanilla ice cream.  this actually turned out so much better than i even expected it to.  we're kinda in love with it.  

and i'll leave you with this.  which has nothing at all to do with grilling, but honestly i could not resist that smile.  

happy tuesday!


  1. Oh, oh, my... Those grilled tomatoes are making my mouth water!!

    This weekend we did grilled chicken covered in basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. They were SO yummy!

    1. YUM, that sounds SO good. I'm trying that next time for sure!

  2. Lindsay I'm SO jealous of your summer right now...we've had nothing but rain and no sign of sunshine for WEEKS!

    And I think I have to try those grilled tomatoes....mmmm....cheese....

    Vanessa x

    1. awww, that's no fun :( i hope for sun for you ASAP! where do you live? it's been a heat wave here lately, so even though there's been sun, it's been unbearable to enjoy it. yepp, try 'em, they're SO yummy!

  3. Making both of these soon! Yum! Thanks for sharing.
    And your son is adorable!!! Holy Cuteness!

    1. hah, thanks, i have to agree with you on that one :)


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