Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this too shall pass.

i love this. 

i think the most important thing in life is to be happy.

what's the point of living a life not being happy?

sure, i have days where i'm not 100% happy, but that is also life.

lately i've been having some not-so-happy days.

not for any reason in particular.

i've just been stressed, overwhelmed and not my normal happy self.

i don't let it ruin me, i don't let others "feel" it.

i just deal with it and move on with my day/week/life.

it'll go away - this too shall pass.

i get in ruts every so often, and right now just so happens to be a rut.

it's not fun, it's definitely not my favorite.

but i love my life, i'm very very very blessed.

there's no reason to be unhappy.

yet i am, and i don't know why. (sigh)

again, it's a rut, these ruts i've always dealt with.

so that's why i know - this too shall pass.

in the meantime i keep looking at the above quote & smiling from ear to ear.

maybe this is the end of my rut.

happy tuesday!


  1. I love that quote too. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    1. thanks, feeling better already! :)


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