Wednesday, June 20, 2012


what i wore wednesday.

sorry the photos sorta suck - still trying to master the outfit shots.

let's face it - i haven't exactly mastered the "outfit shot".  at all.  whenever i try to do mirror shots they don't turn out right.  so i gave you a few to ponder on so you could get the full effect.  i got this cute little ruffly dress from forever 21.  it's actually black w/ little white diamonds, but in the pictures it kind of looks navy blue.  i digress.  i realized yesterday that it was SUPER short (even on me, i'm 5'0"!!).  so i threw on a pair of taupe leggings and called it a morning.  i considered sending it back once i realized that no one in their right mind could ever wear this as a dress, but then i sort of started loving it as a shirt.  so a shirt it is! 

dress/shirt - F21
leggings - F21
flip flops - reef
necklace - stella & dot

Happy HUMPDAY!!!!!!!

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