Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion friday - & a LINK up!

haaaaaaaappy friday!
did this week drag or is it just me?

glad to be linking up with Stephany as her co-host in crime on this lovely day.  so go on over and link up your polyvore creations!

'ol Mother Hyder

i am a little lot extreme with fashion - not as in wearing a meat dress extreme.
i could wear a preppy outfit one day, and a totally edgy rocked out get up the next extreme.

i like lots of different looks, what can i say?

so here are two polar opposites i recently created.  whether you're on the nautical, preppier side or the boho, hippy, edgy side - enjoy...



feather by lyuro57 featuring cotton short shorts

i'd totally wear either one of these on any given day.  depends on my mood.  and am particularly obsessed with outfit #1's bag and outfit #2's sandals.

hope everyone is having a beautiful friday - now get your fashion POSTS UP and LINK UP!


  1. Replies
    1. ugh, it so was! it went so slow and work was slow too which just made it drag out even more!

  2. This week was the WORST! I'm glad it's over and looking forward to the next. :)

    LOVE both looks, but look No. 1 is my favorite, especially the bag and the Stella and Dot ring. Loving them lately!

    1. yes, definitely glad that last week is long gone, onto a new & better week :) i had a really great weekend too, so that helped :)

  3. i am totally the exact same way, i tend to steer towards that bottom outfit...that totally rocks my socks off... but some days i may be all up in your nautica too =)

    1. i know, i'm definitely more of the bottom too! but then i have my random days where i wear something totally out of left field! :)


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