Thursday, June 21, 2012

super easy grilled veggies

this is my newest favorite summer side.
it's beyond simple.
if you can cut veggies, you can make this.

you need:
i used zucchini, yellow squash & mushrooms
tomatoes are wonderful in this too!
1/2 c - 1c greek dressing (i used gazebo room lite)
*quantities can vary on how much you need, i wanted enough for a dinner and leftovers, so i used 3 zucchini, 3 squash & a large container of mushrooms*

this is the hard part.  cut up the veggies, put them in a foil pan or grill pan and cover with the greek dressing.  cover with foil and place on grill.  shuffle the pan around every so often and cook until tender.

these veggies can be eaten alone as a side dish or placed over pasta for a complete meal!!  happy summer!


  1. this looks delish if i was a veggie eater =)
    i went to forever 21 this morning (per your suggestion) and i found one i love. going back tonight to pick it up!!

    1. you must eat your veggies! this is the perfect way to do it too b/c zucchini & squash honestly have not a ton of flavor, so it's mostly just tasting like the greek dressing :) SO glad you found a great maxi at forever!


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