Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend wrap up.

i had an amazing weekend.
saturday i woke up, ran a 5k, then floated for 6 uninterrupted hours down the creek.
it was awesome.  anyone with kids, a husband, job & house knows that you don't get a ton of alone time to do nothing.  my alone time usually consists of cleaning, laundry or errands.  well my friends, this was alone time to the max.  i sat on a raft, drank hippie juice and yucked it up with some of my very best friends.

for six hours.
it was bliss.

so then today, sunday, was even better if you can even imagine.
but it the totally opposite way.
i spent the whole entire day with my little man, just us.
it was bliss. (just not the floating & relaxing bliss..)

 we woke up, watched cartoons & cuddled.
we went for a walk and collected sticks.
then we went to a nearby pond for little man to throw rocks.
he's absolutely obsessed with throwing rocks into water.
loves it.

after that we ate lunch, took naps, then played outside, swam in maxy's pool and got a visit from peep peep & pop pop (my grandparents, max's great grandparents).  they just got back from vacation and we havent' seen them all week so max was very excited!
we grilled out burgers for dinner, then went and got ice cream.

then we went to visit my parents and max was being so crazy & silly.
i love seeing him like that.  
just so darn happy.
we came home, had bathtime, then cuddled on the couch & watched mickey mouse clubhouse until it was time for bed.  we kissed, said love you's and rocked.  

and that was my perfect weekend....


  1. Hippie Juice? What is that? Yes alone time is the best and I'm glad you got some! Rafting much has been so much fun!

    1. hippie juice - my new favorite summer drinky! here's the link to my recipe,

      thanks, i had a blast and it was much needed! :)


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