Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Got Nothin'..... But a Thanks.

What's on the blogging agenda today? 
I got nothin', just like my post title clearly states.
Not making anything exciting for dinner(well actually I am, I'm making this mouthwatering meal), but it's nothing new.  I'm not wearing anything particularly cute, and I won't be doing any spectacular crafts.  Just hanging out with all my blue eyed boys(this now includes the cat too since he has baby blues). 

So instead - I'm going to thank all of you lovely readers for reading. 
I now am officially over 40 followers on my blog and I am so ecstatic about that.
40 to most of my blogging buddies is nothing, they're well over 100.
But to me 40 seems like I actually have a gaggle of readers and I love it.
It means I might have some interesting things to say sometimes.
Maybe interesting enough for people to read it?  That makes me happy.
So thanks.

I'll try to keep the good stuff coming!
(in fact, I have a few verrrrrrry splendid posts in the works)

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  1. I'm the same way on my blog girl! I'm slowly (and I mean slowly) growing along, and every new follower just makes my day! Congrats on your 40!

    1. agreed, every little bit is exciting :) thanks!


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