Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday

Time for Fashion Friday again.  
This week I'm going to show you what I wish I was wearing on Easter.  
I'll probably end up wearing something boring, which is my typical fashion.
In my head I think I have a great fashion sense.
But I need to start actually acting on that, wearing what I think looks great.
I need to step out of the box, wear more than just Target boyfriend tees and skinny jeans.
Ohhh, but how I love my boyfriend tees & skinnies.  Pair them with my uggs and I'm a girl in heaven.
That might actually be a fashion don't.

floral femme
This is an outfit I wish I'd wear.  A pretty top, cute shoes, colorful accessories.  But no, I'd put this all on and immediately take most of it off.  What is my deal?!  
gorgeous in gold
Now this I might wear.  Might.  I'd probably swap out the nice khakis for some jeans, out the wedges and wear flats.  Pretty much bore it down as much as I could.
I've really been trying to step out of my comfort zone with my clothes, but it's not been easy.  I'm thinking a fashion challenge might be on the horizon.  I'll have to put some more thought into that.  No black shirts for 30 days?  Oh man, I don't know if I could do that.  No Target boyfriend tees?  That's impossible.  We'll see, it's all about challenging myself and growing!  Although photographing myself  and posting on the blog is a challenge in itself.  

What do you think?  Any fashion challenge ideas for me?!


  1. I love them! I bought my Easter dress a few weeks ago but am starting to worry about how short it is. I might have to wear tights underneath it!

    1. Thanks, me too! I just bought my Easter outfit today, but will keep it a surprise b/c I might just have stepped outta the box(we'll see if I actually wear it, ha..) I love tights, so I say go for it!


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