Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion Friday - "Trends".

I hate trends.  I hate the word, I hate when people try really hard to follow something just because it's "trendy".  BUT, that doesn't mean I don't like some of the current trends.  But if I don't like them I wouldn't in a million years where them just because they're trendy.  I also won't wear anything that I don't see myself wearing in a year, so if I think it actually is a trend that I won't be into int a year, I won't buy into any of that nonsense either.  I happen to like a few of this years spring trends though.  A lot.

floral shorts
i am so in love with floral shorts.  i think floral pants look awesome, but i'd never sport 'em.  i love when other people do though, so keep wearing these sweeties paaaaaaalease!  i have the middle pair pictured, the turquoise and mustardy pair - i love them.  forever21 on sale, so it was a win win.  

color block
i can safely say most color blocking is WAY out of my realm.  but i do like a more toned down version.   i love that dress so much, oh, and the bag too.  need.
pastels.  i would like to make one thing very clear, i'm NOT a fan of pink, but i'd totally sport that fedora - so cutes.  and those wedges?  omg.  i die.

Are you a trendy kinda person?  What are your favorite trends??

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