Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Ten - Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes...

Linkin' up, as always, with the lovely Lena from mom2memphisandruby. 

Her list this week is AWESOME - shoes.  I love shoes, love love love.

For being a shoe lover, it's shame that I live in Uggs and flip flops, huh? 

Hey, they're comfy, and when my life consists of chasing around my almost two year old, I'm not exactly worried about how cute my shoes are. 

A girl can dream about wearing heels can't she?!

So here they are people - 10 shoes I WISH I HAD.

But probably never will........ (sighhh)

love - but w/ a heel that sky high, these are only a daydream!

i'm obsessing over these pretty little sneaks

dying over teal/aqua at the moment - and the fringe?  yes please!
the other color i'm dying over these days - coral.

cute & comfy - this is my m.o.

purple IS my favorite color. 
i'm a total sucker for a basic ballet flat
simple, yet not.  and amazing none the less.

these are the definition of spring - pair 'em with a plain tee & jeans, perfect.

last but not least - a shoe that i've already posted once, but it deserves to be posted again b/c i love it that much.

HAPPY TUESDAY TEN.  Now go buy some shoes!


  1. #9.... ooh, I want!
    thanks for linking up!

    1. me too, and #9 isn't THAT expensive, so potentially we could get them! :)


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