Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

13 things you would want with you on a deserted island.  
That's this weeks link up topic - how fun!

Aunie Sauce

my list is assuming that we will eat, have fire, water & endless electricity.  that's to be expected when living on a deserted island, right?

1.  my immediate family/family-in-law
2.  my ipod or anything else that can play music
3.  frank's red hot
4.  my kindle
5.  deck of cards
6.  my pillows
7.  max's bubby - we can't survive a day without it
8.  chapstick
9.  deodorant
10.  camera
11.  sunglasses
12.  a pencil, pen or marker, as long as i can write!
13.  dark chocolate

I kinda want to go to my deserted island now - Just the essentials, no drama, no distractions...


  1. Matches up to my list pretty exactly. I'd have to have my computer though too. Maybe a mailbox just for fun. I suppose that isn't very deserted.

  2. LOVE THIS! I might have to join! I also included you in my "blog tag" that someone tagged me in....check it out if you want to do it!! It's pretty fun! :)

    1. I look forward to thursday 13, so fun :) Your blog tag looks so fun, I love that kind of stuff, hopefully I can do it this weekend, sick baby in the house = no momma time! Booo!

  3. What would a deserted island be without DARK Chocolate?! Your list is great!

    1. All I know is I couldn't survive! :) Thanks!


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