Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday

If there's one print I love, it's tie dye.  Not because I am obsessed with all things hippie, but because it's cool and unperfect.  Those are two of my favorite traits, in all areas of life I think.  So this week we're doing tie dye inspired outfits.  Another thing I'm really into lately is lots of rings.  If only I had lots of rings.  Gotta get on that!

tie dye
LOVE this cardigan/jacket type thing, but what I really love is the purple shorts.  I will be getting a pair of these!

tie dye casual
Another thing I'm obsessed with - Converse and aviators..  Basic & classic.
tie dye gold
That snake ring...  I die.
Keeping it short this week - I'm sick, Max is sick, and this is about as much inspiration as I could conjure up while laying in bed and Polyvore-ing my life away!  Happy Friday!


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