Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Friday - The Maxi

Well considering I've been in bed like a scrub practically all week long, I've been just dying for Fashion Friday!  Oooo, pretty clothes and shoes and jewelry.  Just what I need to get me outta this funk.  I want a maxi dress in the worst way.  But I'm sooo short, so it's hard to find one I can pull off.  I went casual & dressy this week.  It kinda just started happening that way, so I went with it.
I'm loving orange and usually I am NOT an orange fan.  But aren't these great?orange maxi
This printed one is so me, I love the blousey feel of it and the tie dye sorta-ish print.  I love the floral printed dress too, it's beyond pretty.
printed maxi
I am loving the tiered top looks on these.  And those floral wedges?  I'm dying.  
tiered maxi
Are you lovely ladies into maxis?  Anyone else having problems finding one that fits right?  Or is it just me?!

Happy Fashion Friday!


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    1. Hey i just followed your blog could you follow me back and enter in my giveaway

    2. Thanks for stopping by!! I'm now a follower on your blog! :)

  2. Ohhh these maxi dresses are amazing!

    1. I know I'm so obsessed with them now, I've bought 5 in the past month, LOL! :)


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