Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday - Make a Statement

**Fashion Alert for peoples of all sizes - I just bought knee high boots, snow boots, 2 toddler girl sandals and 1 toddler boy flip flops from Totsy for under $60 - AHmazing, go check it out and hurry because things are selling out like crazy!**

Now onto Fashion Friday..........
I'm not exactly a statement necklace kinda girl.
But sometimes I want to be.
Sometimes I just want to wear all my plain jane, mostly boring shirts with a big, gorgeous necklace.
I might buy one or two statement necklaces and see how it goes, but I honestly don't think I can do it.
It's just not in me.  Once a plain gal, always a plain gal I guess, but I can give it a try.statement necklaces ii
How amazing are these necklaces?  I'm smitten with the blue stone & feather one, and the sach-y one in the center.  But would I wear them?  Don't know.  I think if I wore these I would constantly be feeling like I look weird.  Maybe it's time to step out of the box - to go big or go home.

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