Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodbye Curls..

I did it.  Again.  
Cut Max's hair and immediately regretted it.  
What can ya do now?  I didn't cry, I didn't pout.
It's getting warm, his hair is getting sweaty, dirty & knotty.
He is NOT a happy camper when Momma tries to detangle.  
I just looked at my little baby and realized he isn't so little anymore.  
Cutting off those blonde curls made that finally seem so real.  
Which made me so sad.  


it was getting a bit long.

at this point i already regretted my decision, but as you can see it was too late.  not sure even this little cutie could rock this look

looking at me like "okay ma, enough with the pictures!"

the one positive?  those baby blues really pop now.

Ohhh, but I do miss those curls.

Happy Friday!


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