Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day of Food...

I ate so much delicious food today that it's almost ridiculous.. 

 I made pancakes with the fam this morning, yum yum.  

 For lunch my girlfriend and I went to a pizza joint nearby and shared a spicy shrimp caesar salad and also split a roasted tomato pizza.  Both were delish, but I have to say the pizza kinda blew me away.  The crust was thin, yet soft.  No sauce, just pesto.  Then lots of mozzarella and roasted tomatoes on top.  Never had a pizza quite like it, but I'll be making a copycat soon if it sounds like something you'd like to eat!  

Next we went to an olive oil store.  I've never been to one and it
You go around tasting all sorts of olive oils and vinegars and salts.  It's crazy.  I didn't know such a thing existed to be honest.  So I tasted every imaginable kind of oil and vinegar and salt.  Then I made the crazy hard decision of which to buy.  I wanted them all.
HORRIBLE picture, sorry.  But it's organic garlic infused olive oil.  SO garlicky, so amazing.

Another horrible picture, what's wrong with me tonight?!  The label says it all.  People, the smell and taste of this salt was unlike anything I've ever had.  Now I know why people covet truffles(and why they're so expensive!).

So after that we went to a bakery - my weakness.  I bought a french toast maple bacon cupcake(OMG delicious), some kind of chocolate covered cake topped with oreo cookie mousse, a cream puff, an elephant cupcake for Max and a double chocolate cupcake.  I only have the picture of Max's, we had dinner guests tonight and we gobbled up our sweets so fast I didn't even realize no picture was taken!
He housed this cupcake, and was covered in every color icing imaginable afterwards!
So the food didn't stop there.  Can you even believe I kept eating more food?  I'm not talking salads.  I didn't go home and have a nice, light salad for dinner.  I had a big bowl or pasta and my sweet treats that I brought home from the bakery.  Food intake of this amount should be illegal.
Shrimp and veggie scampi topped with fresh parmesan

The pasta is super easy.  In a pan add some olive oil, garlic & diced onions.  Let it cook for a bit, then add some chicken broth and whatever veggies you want(I just added the broccoli at this point) and let it cook until the veggies are tender.  Add your shrimp and tomatoes if you're using those, along with a few splashes of lemon juice and a STICK of butter(this is why it's sooo darn good).  Typically when I make this I slim it up a bit.  I use more chicken stock and less butter, but since we had guests I made the real deal.  Season with some salt, pepper & italian seasoning.  Let it simmer until the shrimp are cooked through and serve over your choice of pasta.  This is one of our go-to pasta meals because you can pretty much use whatever you have.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and eating lots of yummy food!


  1. Linds I work at an Olive Oil Store In West Chester! I've been working there for about 4 years now part time! I love it and the store you went to got the idea from us:) The black Truffle Salt is awesome on air popped popcorn and a little plain olive oil!

    1. I knew you worked there, but I guess I had no clue what it actually was. Ash told me about it though and that's what sparked our visit to this store - I want to come visit yours though!!! I really really really need to come down there for a day.


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