Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's In My Purse...

More accurately would be - what's NOT in my purse.  
I left my parent's house after Sunday dinner and realized wow, my purse is heavy.  Time to clean it out.  I figured that would be the perfect time for this post.  I've been wanting to do it for a while but kept putting it off.  This is one of my favorite articles in US Weekly every week.  Celebs tell you what's in their Hermes and YSL bags.  I'll tell you what's in my Charlotte Russe messenger bag.  And it's not at all as nice as what's in the celebs perfect purses, and that's your warning!
 Helloooooooooo JUNK - can you believe all of this even fits in my purse?  Craziness.
 Are you wondering why I have a pair of socks in there?  I went running before Sunday dinner then brought Uggs to change into so I took off my socks(they didn't smell, I swear) and threw them in.  There's also my keys and two pairs of ear buds.  I never want to risk not having a pair, ha.
 My reusable "ziploc" bag, some random paper, hand sanitizer,  and some of Max's toys
 Random cash and change I found floating in the bottom, lip gloss, hankies in my cute little hanky pouch I made and my planner(can't live without it!)
 If you haven't noticed already my purse double as a diaper bag sometimes, hence the diaper and wipes.  Of course then gum, lotion(this lotion is great FYI), some ibuprofen, wallet & pen.
 Here's my handy dandy coupon organizer which if it's not kept in my purse I'll forget it at home when I go shopping.  A random paper clip and some mini tweezers.  Wonder what that weird thing in the bag is in the corner?  A poopy diaper.  Told you my purse wasn't nearly as great as the celebs.  But hey this is real life!  I doubt any celebs keep their coupon books in their bags either.  

Well, that's what's in my purse.  Very glam, huh??  It's cleaned out now though, most of the stuff stays in there, but the poopy diaper does not!


  1. Love this, those posts are fun and Elvis Duran does them sometimes too!! I look at my purse sometimes and wonder how on earth did that get in there?! I mean there's crazy stuff in there!! "Female" items, carmex, cell phone, change, always pens, journal, trash, receipts etc. lol Happy purse exploring!!
    -Meesh :)

    1. Overloaded purses are the best, the things you find in them are crazy. :)

  2. haha! This is what my purse usually looks like.... just throw in some fruit snacks and sippy cups. :)

    Stopping by from the link up!

    1. thanks for coming by - glad i'm not the only one w/ a totally overloaded bag :)

  3. Hello :-) Over from the link-up too! Very impressed with both the scope of different things, and just how many...erm...things!

  4. OMG Hilarious!!!! The socks and poopy diaper got me. :) Thanks for linking up.


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