Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Preview

So today I decided to start on Max's Valentine's Day gifts for his friends and teachers.  I have a girl's night planned for Monday night(dinner and going to see 'The Vow', woohoooo), so I wanted to have this stuff done since all the Valentine's festivities are Tuesday.  

For his teachers I got them each a red mug filled with goodies - a dinosaur Valentine(he's obsessed with them at the moment), biscotti, hershey's special dark bar, dark chocolate truffle,  dark chocolate godiva square and a small pot of hand lotion.
Added the pink tissue paper too, I looove a red & pink combo!

Now for the kiddies - each treat bag was filled with a white chocolate dipped rice krispie treat and pretzel buttons.  Oh, and of course his little dinosaur Valentine cards.

I thought they turned out pretty cute and I'm happy to be giving out something other than just plain candy!

The rest of my Saturday evening consisted of sheet forts, cartoons, and playing shoe dress up.  These are the moments I live for...
 I'm a master fort maker from WAY back.
 He loved it!!
 Enjoying a little tube time before bed.
 Such a ham!
What?!  Boots and crocs don't go together?  Who knew.

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!!!


  1. Yum...just went through a few of your post and your treats look so cute and delicious!!! Definitely looking forward to coming back to visit and get more yummy ideas : ) *New Follower*


    1. So glad you enjoyed the treats :) Thanks for stopping by & following!

  2. HE IS SO ADORABLE! I love the inspiration I've found on your blog... and now I must make rice krispy treats!

    Found you via M2M&R's Linky Link Up! xo

    1. Thanks, he's such a ham for the camera :) Mmmm, do it, I probably gained 5 lbs from eating so many they were SO yummy!


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