Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Friday

It's Fashion Friday - yayyy!  
I've been looking forward to it because I am really getting excited for warmer weather and spring.  I hate having to wear jackets and sweaters, I'd much rather be in t shirts and tank tops!  I'm leaving for Florida next week too, so the thought of warm weather also has me going.

Some things that I'm loving for spring/summer - nude(as in the color!), bright jewelry, tribal jewelry, pops of color, sunglasses, sunglasses & more sunglasses.

I'm OBSESSED with these bracelets!  

I am loving these shoes.  Oh and the sunglasses too, they're HUGE which equals perfection!
I actually have this skirt(Target!), and shoes that are similar to these, but the purse I need. 

Happy Friday ALL!!!

PS - sorry about that random "summer" post with the first outfit -- Polyvore tricked me!


  1. Where are the shoes in the 2nd board from? I think I need those in my life right now.
    I almost bought that skirt, twice now.

    1. The shoes are from, how cute are they!? HA, I haven't worn the skirt yet but I've worn the belt that came with it about a bazillion times. So next time you almost buy it, just do it :)

  2. I think I might be making a Target and DSW stop on my way home. The skirt is on clearance, even better :)


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