Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Treat, Part 2

Okay - Part 2!  Another easy one, and again, can be adapted to any single holiday or occasion.  I actually prefer my rice krispie treats naked.  No chocolate dipped treats for this little lady.  But it does add a certain cuteness and of course some extra sweetness.

White chocolate dipped rice krispie treats:
5 c rice krispies
4 c mini marshmallows
1/4 butter
1/2 bag white chocolate chips
pink food dye
 In a large saucepan melt your butter, then add your marshmallows.  I love little marshmallows, they're so cute :)  Mix, mix and mix a little more.  Then once they're all melted, keep mixing.  Once it's super smooth add in your rice krispies!
 Then mix, mix, mix some more.  Make sure all those little babies are covered!
 Put your mixture into a greased 13x9 baking pan and cover with wax paper.  Press down firmly to spread it into the pan.  
 Use every ounce of willpower you have and don't dig in now.  I didn't do that step.  I ate some, because when mixture is warm it is SO dang good.  But that's just me, no willpower here!  Cut them into whatever shape and size you want.  You could stop here and these would be one of these most heavenly sweet treats on earth
  But I didn't stop here.  I sprinkled them with Valentine's Day inspired sprinkles.  You could stop here and these would not only be delicious, but festive.  But I didn't stop.
 I melted down my white chocolate chips over low heat until smooth, then added a few drops of pink food dye.  Then I dipped half of each treat in the chocolate.  Now PLEASE, stop here!
Aren't they beautiful???  Even though I said I liked mine nakey, these ARE delicious.  I'm just a sucker for a plain jane rice krispie treat I suppose!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!


  1. I love them plain too! Maybe I can make half a batch like this and half plain. :)

  2. Definitely a great idea! They were super cute with just the sprinkles too :)


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