Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Ten - Valentine's Edition

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!  
In tribute to the day of love, and also to my hopeless romantic self, my Tuesday Ten is all about the love.
My Tuesday Ten is going to be my ten all time favorite romantic movies.  
Here we go, and I'll try not to shed any tears while writing this (love stories makes me emotional, I'm such a sap!)

1.  Dirty Dancing (nobody puts Baby in the corner - sorry, had to say it)
2.  The Notebook
3.  Pretty Woman
4.  Cutting Edge
5.  My Best Friend's Wedding
6.  Sleeping with the Enemy
7.  The Family Stone
8.  Titanic
9.  Pretty In Pink
10.  The Last of the Mohicans

Speaking of romantic movies, last night I saw 'The Vow'.  I was a blubbering mess halfway through the movie, and that continued through to the very end.  Seriously, I'm such a romantic at heart.  I always dream of the fairy tale, the unrealistic movie scenes that I wish happened in real life.  Ya know, the one where the guy says something amazingly sweet, and does something even more amazingly sweeter.  Stuff like that just doesn't happen in real life.  I'm probably better off NOT watching these movies, they just set you up for disaster, ha.  But would I be as smitten if Josh said the same thing that Channing Tatum said?  Most likely not, I'd probably laugh at him because that's so not us.  What makes Josh romantic?  The day to day things that he knows I love - when he fills up my ice water, warms my icy toes or tells me I'm beautiful.  Those are the things that I cherish - those are my love story.


  1. Great list!!!!
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