Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peanut Butter Cup Heaven

I don't think you're ready for this...
But I am!
There is nothing I love more than baking and cooking on a snowy day.  It's one of my favorite things in the entire world.  So today you will get two posts, both food related, both awesome.
I am always a fan of dessert before dinner(or lunch in this case).

I had these at a Pampered Chef party a few weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about them since.  First you start with a basic butter cookie dough.  It's not your typical butter cookie dough, BUT much better and way easier too.  It can be used for a whole array of things which is another plus.  

This is all you need for the ENTIRE recipe, great huh?

First you make your dough...

This is my little helper combining the dry ingredients - notice it all over his hands & the counter.  Good thing these are staying in the house in case any little treasures find their way in.   The counter & his hands are semi-clean, but ya never know :)

I halved the recipe because like I said earlier, it's a snow day, which means I'll be stuck in the house with these delicious little treats.  Combine half a box of white/vanilla cake mix and 1 1/4 -1 1/2 c flour.  Next take one stick of butter and melt it in the microwave until completely melted, then take another stick of butter and slice it into the melted butter, let it sit for a few, then stir it all together until it's all melted.  You want this to be melted, but not super runny.  Then combine the two until you get a dough like consistency.

The wet & dry before mixing...

And after...  The little helper was stealing dough at this point, good thing it doesn't involve raw eggs!

Next you put your dough into a mini muffin pan and smush(is smush even a real word?  It is in my book.)  it down with a handy little dough smusher.

Now for the last step, place a mini Reese's peanut butter cup in the hole.  I used dark chocolate because I prefer it, but use whatever!  Place these little beauties into an oven preheated at 350.  Bake for 15-17 minutes or until the cookie part is golden.  

Thanks to Josh's suggestion, we put a few pieces of pretzel on top of some, and it was great.  I'm a total sucker for a salty/sweet combo and these hit the spot.  

Now enjoy!  These are amazing when they're still warm, so brace yourself because you won't eat just one.  That's probably impossible.  

There are SO many ways you can switch these up too.  Using such a basic dough you can put pretty much anything in these, sweet or savory!

Later Alligator,


  1. I love the idea of adding pretzels!!
    Thanks so much for linking up today!

  2. oh my gosh. that looks auh-maz-ing! thank you for linking up with us today. I am now a follower. i hope you know more yummy treats!


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