Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Pressing Table

I found this idea on Pinterest (go figure!) and knew I had to do it.
I got my very first sewing machine last year for my birthday (thanks Mom!) and this came shortly after.  I hated having to lug my big ol' ironing board out to iron every single piece of material or hem.  Let me also add that my ironing board squeaks.  Not just a little mouse squeak, a LOUD, annoying metal against metal squeak.  It's actually more of a shrill.  So when I'm trying to get sewing done when Max naps I try to avoid this extremely piercing noise at all costs.  I'd love to give you a tutorial, but it's already made, so I'll give the best directions I can.  I bought the cheapest t.v. table I could find at Walmart, then I got 2 yards of cotton fabric(I didn't need this much, but loved the fabric so I got extra).  I also picked up some batting that could take high heat.  It's so easy to make!  Turn your t.v. table upside down and place your fabric and batting under the table.  Cut fabric leaving 4 or so inches of fabric and about 2.5-3 inches of the batting.  Then just take a staple gun and tack up your fabric on the underside of the table.

  You might need a small hammer to pound the staples the entire way in.  I went down the sides first, making sure to keep the fabric tight, then did the corners by folding & tucking the fabric in. 

 Now enjoy your handy dandy pressing table.  
Don't mind the junk - this is our office, sewing, clothes overflow room!
Another perk, it stores so easily!

 As you can see, I didn't trim the extra fabric from mine because it didn't bother me and typically I don't see it/notice it.  But you could trim yours off for a neater look!

Happy Pressing(hehe),

OH, and look what we are busy doing these days --
 Do you remember these things?!  It's a GeoSafari - SO old school.  We found it in Josh's parent's basement over the weekend and swiped it up.  We've been playing every night since.  Yes, we're dorks.. :)
AND look at that - I'm winning(but we've only done the U.S., so I shouldn't be bragging quite yet, ha!)


  1. Omg, you two are dorks!

    1. I think you're jealous - I'll send the game to you once we've completed it. Brush up on your geography skills, it's NOT easy, ha!


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