Monday, January 23, 2012

Gooey Cake - Part 2

This is the day you've all been waiting for.
You might not know it, but it is.  

It's the day that I introduce you to the original Gooey Cake.  

Life will never, ever be the same!

SO without further ado...

Bake a chocolate cake according to the box.  No, I didn't lie to you, boxed cake.  I got dark chocolate, but any chocolate cake will do.  After baking, let 'er cool for a few minutes, then form your goo chambers.  Sounds so technical.  It's not.  Just poke some holes in the cake with something fairly skinny & circular.  I use chopsticks, but anything would work, as long as it's wide enough so the goo can seep in.  After that comes goo #1 - pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over the cake, covering it totally.  
Sweet, thick, lovely, oozing goo, down into the holes you go!  Okay, I took that too far, I know, but it's so hard not to.  Now for goo #2 - pour a little over half a jar of caramel over the cake.
You can actually SEE the caramel whirlpooling it's deliciousness into the holes, O.M.G.!  I took it too far again, didn't I?  Sorry, I have a thing for sweet, heavenly goo oozing into a moist, delicious cake.  :)

Now let this pretty little treasure cool in the fridge for an hour or so, until it's totally cooled.  Once cooled, top it with a container of cool whip, a BAG of toffee bits, and a sprinkle or four of semi sweet mini chocolate chips.  
Ta-Da!  There you have it, the original Gooey Cake.

See it oozing onto the plate?  That's one of the most amazing things you'll ever eat.  I will tell you the secret of Gooey Cake, and I wouldn't repeat it to ANYONE(because then you'll have to share) - the BEST part is the stuff that gets left in the pan.  The wet, sludgy looking cake on the bottom.  It's cake totally saturated in goo, and THAT my friends, is what will blow your mind.  It is what keeps you coming back for more.  And more.  When you find yourself sneaking into the kitchen to spoon out the leftovers from the bottom of the pan, that's when you'll know you're hooked.



  1. Garritts mom makes this cake, but apparently in Ohio it's called "Paul Newnan" or "better than sex" cake. Doesn't matter what it's called because its amazing! The goey part reminded me of another delicious cake- chocolate goey butter cake, if you haven't made it before it's a must! Here's the link to the recipe - Good luck on blogging, I've tried and was terrible at updating, now I just spend my days addicted to trying get my google reader below 1000+ :). - Kristin

  2. Thanks Kristin! I'll have to try that recipe, anything with the words gooey, butter & chocolate sounds perfect in my book!


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