Wednesday, October 24, 2012


it's wednesday.
so that means what i ate wednesday.
which i haven't done in a few weeks because i either forgot to photograph my meals, or i was just too lazy busy.
i was feeling under the weather so i gave in to some of my junk food cravings, but hey, you have to once in a while.  it's all about moderation!
sometimes i have zero moderation skills and will eat 10 pieces of fun sized candy in a sitting.  or half a gooey cake.  i mean "yolo", that's what the youngins say these days right?
eggs over easy, toast with light butter, coffee with a splash of skim & stevia

mid morning
honey vanilla chai tea, cinnamon and honey in attempts to soothe my sore throat!

leftover "easiest beef veggie soup ever" - recipe coming soon!
the junk food craving -- pb cups for "dessert"

mid afternoon
salted skin on marcona almonds & roasted no salt pumpkin seeds

creamy tomato soup (recipe here) with a sharp cheese & pepperoni grilled cheese

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
soup on soup on soup, you can tell what i crave when i'm feeling under the weather!!


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