Thursday, October 25, 2012

things i love.

things i love thursday.
it'ssssssss back!
to be honest, there's not much i'm loving today.
i have strep throat, i'm not feeling totally amazing.
thankfully i compiled my list of things i loved before sickness set in!
these things are delicious!  i got them for max, but i won't lie, i've found myself digging into the box for a late night snack.  they're super cheesy and made w/ all good stuff.

got this new kindle fire cover at target on clearance for under $9

as a cover

perfect set up for when i'm watching my shows in bed, yes i'm a loser!

mmmm, SO delicious.  had this stuff on some pretzels sticks and i was in heaven.  i love the slight cinnamon flavor and the raisin chunks.

i got these reusable zip ties from pampered chef a long time ago and never used them.  now i can't stop.  they're the perfect thing for containing all those crazy cords!
these are my favorite as of yesterday -- i'm not really eating "real" chewable food lately b/c my throat is that sore.  i'm a big eating person, i typically never drink my meals, i like to chew.  but when there's no other choice these are quite tasty and super easy.
happy thursdayyyyy!


  1. I have the chocolate peanut butter of that! So good! :)

    1. that sounds really good, choc/pb is THE best combo!! my sister had a white chocolate something or other and said that was really good too!!


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