Thursday, October 18, 2012

some things you ought to know.

or not. 
none of today's subjects need to be known.
this is what happens when your normal thursday post(things i love thursday!!!) is not written.
oops.  this marks two, maybe more weeks of missing.  don't worry, next week we will return to our regularly scheduled blog posts.
but today, we're doing coffee talk.
1. Let's talk about it. Do you have tattoos? How many??
i do.  i have 13.  sounds crazy, but i promise if you see me fully clothed you'd never know it.  so let's start from the feet up -- tiger lily on my foot, butterfly on my foot, chinese symbol for dream on my inner heel, chinese symbol for friend on my other inner heel, tribal butterfly on my hip, heart on my lower back, tribal on my lower back, zodiac(i'm a leo!) and fairy dust on my wrist, "forever young" lyrics on my ribcage, cross on the back of my neck, gerber daisies & a rosary on my shoulder blade, and the newest is the addition of flowers that go up over my shoulder and down my upper arm.  oh, and there's one missing that will not be named.  onward!
2. Let's talk about hair styles: Bangs, do you have them, or trying to grown them? What about side bangs?
i don't have bangs.  actually i've never had them, maybe long sideswept ones but that's about it! 
3. Let's talk about work: Without getting specific with a company name, what do you do? What did you want to be when you grew up when you were young?
i'm a medical biller.  nothing too exciting there.  i wanted to be a teacher and thank GOD that never panned out because i would be awful at it.
4. Let's talk about friends: Do you find it easier or more difficult to meet new friends as an adult? do you have what you'd consider 'blog friends'? What about IRL (in real life) friends?
more difficult.  i definitely have "hermit" and "antisocial" tendencies.  hey, i love hanging out at my house with josh & max, what can i say?!  i pretty much have the same best friends that i've had my whole life.  yes, i've made new friends, and some new friends i consider best friends too.  i do have a few blog friends, yes, but i think if we met IRL, we'd be "real" friends too!
5. Let's talk about social media: Android or iPhone? Twitter or Facebook?
IPHONE all the way.  i'm actually a little crazy about it.  and i'm definitely a facebook girl.  for some reason i just can't "get" twitter.  i want to love it, it just hasn't happened yet.
there ya go & happy thursday!
Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


  1. Awesome! I love your shoulder tattoo.. I want to get one with a placement like that.. but not sure what I'd get. Secret tattoo!!!!
    I'm the same on friends too. I jsut like the comfort of my house and the fun that Joe and I have.

    1. thanks girl! hah, yeah secret tattoo is just about right!

  2. I like your tattoo! Love shoulder cap tattoos like that.
    I was never into Twitter either but I finally got one just a few months ago for my blog. It's actually been really great! I was a total idiot at first & didn't know how to tweet things correctly & I didn't get all the symbols #@RT...what do they mean?! haha. I did adjust though & I figured out my way. It's done a lot for my blog though, you should try it out again!

    1. i do too, i've wanted one for SO long, finally broke down and did it. i'm going to have to try to get into the twitter thing. i guess i just don't understand the RT and all that stuff, haha.

  3. I feel you on #4. I would rather chill with my kids and husband vs hanging out with a bunch of people. I like that you said that.

    And I love your tattoo!!!

    Thanks for linking up with me :) I enjoy reading your answers all the time!

  4. Gorgeous tattoo Lindsay, love it!
    I work as a Retail Manager for a group of clothing brands managing their shops across the UK - I remember arriving here 8 years ago and knowing I wanted to work in fashion but didn't know how or as what, so super-happy how life has turned out - feeling blessed! :-)

    You make me laugh - I'm exactly the same and still don't 'get' Twitter! I'm trying, but isn't it just another facebook but without the pictures? And all the abbreviations drive me craaazy... half the time i don't know what the hell people are talking about! :-)

    Have a fab weekend hun :-)

    Vanessa x

    1. glad you've found your "calling", that's great. life works in mysterious ways that's for sure! :) yeah, i get on twitter and use it, but i don't fully understand it and i'm still a fb girl at heart, lol! hope you had an awesome weekend, xo!

  5. LOVE the arm tattoo. the colors are awesome.


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