Saturday, September 1, 2012

say wha?

i just woke up to a quiet, empty house.  this never happens!  ever.  i woke up early to go run, but when i realized i was in heaven a quiet house, i decided to sit here, computer on lap, coffee at side, best thing i ever made on the tele.  sure, a run would feel amazing, but this my friends, is unheard of.  i'm soaking this in.  max had an impromptu sleepover last night at grandma & grandpa's, and josh had to go somewhere early.  so i'm in luck this beautiful saturday morning!  

today i'm just going to tell you a few things that are on my mind...

today is the first day of september.  which means two things.  photo a day september by fat mum slim and college football.  
i'm sorry you have to see this, but today's prompt was you, now.  so this was me, then.  just woken up, puffy eyed & creases on my face.  notice i hid half of my hideousness with a blanket & my arm!
i was a penn state fan growing up, then married into a notre dame fan.  so we root on the fightin' irish round here now.  happy college football day!  this to me means fall is officially here.  

my grandma is sick.  really sick.  this breaks me.  it all happened so quickly.  and it's a  nightmare, heartbreaking, and just tearing me up.  i feel for her, i feel for my grandpa, and i feel for my family.  prayers please.
here is my grandma & pop pop with max.  they're the sweetest people on the planet, and they love their grandkids so much.  that is what kills me the most.  the thought of what could be.  

onto something more light..  when looking for that picture, i found this.
oh. my. god.  i really don't remember being that huge.  but thankfully, i think,  i found this picture and now it's all coming back to me.  good thing the little guy that came outta there is freakishly handsome.

i'm heading to the river later today.  i'll be celebrating labor day weekend with my family & river friends.  this is the way i celebrate it every year (except last year, we were at the beach)
max last labor day - he seems so small here.  boooo hoo, momma gets sad seeing her little guy grow.  funny thing is he hasn't grown that much, he still fits into those trunks & those shoes.  probably the shirt too but i think we handed that down to my nephew.  

last, but not least.  we're coming up on the anniversary of "the flood".  i'll leave you with this, just know a post is to come on this.  one of the most tragic, sad things that's happened to me in my life.
this is my old office.  most people could care less if their work floods.  my work is owned by my family.  i'm a huge part of it, 10 years invested, and my future to come.  it was total destruction, a total loss.  not only that, but our cabin at the river?  destroyed (but we fixed 'er up!).  and what else?  my best friend's house?  covered in water, and by covered i mean TO the roof.  another total loss.  it was a devastating turn of events, many tears were cried, much sweat was shed.  but everyone was safe & sound, and we've all rebuilt.  a total before & after post to come on that later!

this post has been a bit of happy & sad, which wasn't my intention when i started writing.  but that's what's on my mind this morning.  i hope you all have an amazing, safe, and happy labor day weekend.  enjoy!


  1. Enjoy your morning all alone! Lord knows I would LOVE to have that one day! But for one day only because then I would seriously go INSANE!!

    I can't wait for football! I took a 2 month break on the photo challenge but I am doin it again!!

    I hope your grandma gets better! That must be heartbreaking!

    Enjoy your labor day weekend! Oh, and where do you live? When did this flood happen? I am sorry to hear about that!

    1. yeah, i only need a little time to make me happy. the rest i'd rather be w/ my boys :) i live in central PA (hershey/harrisburg area). it happened about a year ago.

  2. Lindsay, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is so hard I know. I can't believe it has been a year since the flood. We have all come so far since that and everyone that was affected are all fighters as you well know. Look where we are now. Crazy how things work out. Enjoy your weekend at the river. I love those quite mornings when no one is around too although I do not get many of those. I would have to get up at 5am to have one of those before my hubby and 3 boys get up and the noise Cayer

    1. thanks dianne :) yeah, there's always a silver lining to bad stuff that's for sure. the new place was a blessing in disguise! HA, yeah i never get quiet mornings that's why i made sure to enjoy it while it lasted!


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