Friday, August 31, 2012

fashion friday - fall, part 2

if you missed part 1 of my fall fashion must-haves, check it here.
so what else do i love other than hoodies & cozy comfy cardis?
flats & tall boots, duh!
i only wear flats in spring and fall, summer is too hot, winter too cold.
so they're a very seasonal thing for me, probably why i love 'em so much.
and tall boots?  well i just love 'em.


flats by lyuro57 featuring ballet flats

that pair of cheetah prints in the bottom right?  got those.  payless, under $15 - score!  i am really digging the black & brown pair in the top right though and the black w/ tribal type print on the left.  so cute!

boot love

boot love by lyuro57 featuring high heels

riding boots are my thing lately.  they're so casual, but so stylish.  i love anything that is cute & comfy, it's a must for me.  i need something i can wear to work and to play.  i don't typically buy things that can only be worn on certain occasions, i buy for all occasions.  i love the two toned brown ones on the top right and the heeled ones in the center - i need a pair with heels!

happy friday!!!

oh, and go check out erin at simply just lovely!!!  she's hosting a huge giveaway (13 prizes and 13 winners) in honor of her gorgeous son's birth.  so go check out her blog and enter to win!


  1. You are a girl after my own heart! I love flats and boots! New boots are on my Birthday/Christmas wish list this year!

    1. told ya we were soul mates! i hope you get a new pair of boots this year. i want a new pair too, we'll see!

  2. Flats and boots - how I have missed them! I love the change of any season and getting to pull out old favorites and look for new ones :) But fall, by far, is my favorite!

    1. me too! summer used to be, but fall has taken it's place as my fav. ready for crisp air, apples, and comfy, cozy clothes :)


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