Wednesday, September 12, 2012


yes, that's how i feel right now.  liaserouwoivklcuower.
a few things i've learned lately - none of which is good or positive.
but someone has to say it.
Funny Reminders Ecard: I held the door open for you Jackhole. Last chance to say thank you before I kick your ass.
Number One: people have no manners. zero. there's not many pleases, thank yous or you're welcomes.  if i do you a favor, open the door for you, let you in front of me in traffic, etc etc etc.  a thank you or a kind wave would be appreciated.  when did this stop happening?  i know i do it and say it.  why isn't everyone else? 
Funny Apology Ecard: No, I'm not still mad about our fight. Why don't you take a nap, and I'll go check out the brakes on your car?
Number Two:  there are some battles that will just never be won.  ever.  they'll just be battles forever and ever and continue to hold stress over your head until the next battle.  i do try to pick my battles, because i absolutely despise drama and conflict.  but again, some battles will never be won.  i can't handle this.  but it's true.  i have proof.  and yes this is a very passive agressive rant.
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Number Three:  two year old boys are out to ruin your life 70% of the time.  there's that 30% right before bed and right when they wake up that they're full of love, hugs, sweetness & kisses.  but then there's that 70% that consumes the rest of your life that's filled with "NO!", kicks, hits, meltdowns, throwing every toy imagineable and soaking you with the hose after you repeatedly tell them to not soak you with the hose.  i'm not dealing well with the terrible two's in case you haven't noticed.
Funny Wedding Ecard: We're happy that you were able to come to the wedding despite not having time to RSVP with the self addressed, pre-paid envelope we sent you months ago.
Number Four:  if someone invites you somewhere, you RSVP.  if you're going to RSVP "no", then just DO IT. maybe back in the day of face to face invites and phone invites you might not want to let someone down by saying no.  but an online/email invitation is a click of a button - why are you NOT doing this people?!  even RSVP'ing a yes doesn't happen and i'm not sure why.  is it laziness?  trust me, i know how grueling it can be to click "yes" or respond to someone.  but do it, b/c it's the nice, courteous thing to do.  do you non-RSVP'ers know HOW ANNOYING IT IS when you don't RSVP?  leaving the party thrower guessing if you're coming is not nice.  at all.  ever.  which brings me to this, if you have a party and i do you the favor of coming and spending money on your stuff(which i usually don't need, or even want sometimes). please have the common courtesy to come to my party. i don't care if you hate kitchen gagdets, candles, jewelry or food. you come anyway, because i paid you the courtesy of doing that for you. oh, but that would be too much to ask. you could at least do me the decency of an RSVP though.  and for the record - i always RSVP, usually within a week of the invitation being received.  and you should too. 
My diet's going well... Just ate what appeared to be a chocolate chip off the car floor
Number Five:  i swear this is the last rant of the day...  why can't chocolate be calorie free?
okay, rants are done for today, happy humpday :)


  1. Great POST! I couldn't agree more with ALL of them. You have every right to rant/vent. No worries. Thanks for sharing and Happy Humpday to YOU!

    Wanting to let you know too that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can check it out here:

    XO! Stephany

    1. i'm SO glad you agree with me and i'm not just a crazy woman today :)

  2. SOO very true Linds!! Couldn't agree more.

  3. OH MY HEAVENS!!! I AGREE 1,000%! People are so rude these days, no wonder kids have no manners. Their role models are rude. I try so hard to instill manners in my little guy and I swear they are all reversed the second he leaves me house. So frustrating.
    I hold grudges...I don't forget. It's bad, but it's how I am. Ugh, don't try to be all buddy buddy or mushy with me seconds later. I'm not down with it.
    As for RSVP's - I never know who is showing up at my house for a cookout. I even put the invite on facebook and we all know that we are ALL on Facebook. Just respond. I'm spending money on you...and you are being inconsiderate.

    Thank you for this post. Love it.

    1. thank goodness everyone is agreeing and i'm not just sounding like a bitter complainer :) i def am raising max to say please, thank you, excuse me, etc.. even if he kicks me right after, lol. but yeah people need to raise their kids right to make a difference and that's def not happening!


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