Sunday, August 19, 2012

weekend wrap up

weekend wrap up!
my sunday posts have been wrap ups for quite some time now, so i'm going to make it official.
sundays are weekend wrap up posts.
there, it's official.

we spent the weekend at my parent's river cabin.  in normal fashion - delicious food, one too many drinks, friends, laughs, relaxing, the same old same.  oh, and perfect.  yepp.  gotta love river weekends
came home today and getting the house in order.  cleaning.  doing a detox foot soak (post to come..).  made my water weight detox drink (post to come..).   dinner's on the stove simmering (simple spaghetti sauce with pesto.  post to come..).  and a little more relaxing, because hey, that's what sundays are for.

throwing sand, breakin' the rules.

getting chased down by neena.

my little daredevil.  if it can be climbed, he will climb it.

typical max.  his facial expressions are hilarious.

feeding the minnows bread crumbs.

kids in life vests.  so cute.

can't see it very clear, but filled with minnows looking for bread.

my view.


the one thing i hate about the river.  shed spiders.  oh, and this one was carrying a sac filled with eggs.  perfect.  baby shed spiders.  no thank you.  that's my crazy dad's finger RIGHT BESIDE IT.

happy sunday!


  1. Awww how cute is he in his little life jacket!?!

    Vanessa x


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