Thursday, August 9, 2012

mug swap

so i signed up for a mug swap. 
i was stoked.
i love mugs, and i was super excited to do such a fun little bloggy activity!
for the LIFE of me, i can't find natalie's blog.
weird, it's like it disappeared.  so i'm sorry for not giving credit where credit is due.
BUT, the best part about the mug swap?  i found my super new and amazing blogger buddy, sarah!
it's fate, i tell ya!
basically, you get your mug pal's info, and you swap mugs.
either i'm a major nerd, or this is a very exciting concept.
so we took our time, found awesome mugs, then one day i got my package.
not only did sarah send me a great mug, which i love.  but she sent me coffee to go with it (she works for a coffee company, lucky girl!).  

sarah chose my mug because it's earthy and fits perfectly in your hand.
and she was right, it's a match made in mug heaven!

thanks sarah! 

guess what today is?!  no, not just thursday.  after work i'm leaving for GIRL'S WEEKEND AT THE SHORE - ummmmmmm, yay!  it's just me, my mom and sister.  no kids.  no husbands.  just us ladies.  so very excited.  so very excited.  we're going to sleep in, lay on the beach all day, then go out to dinner and eat.  uninterrupted.  if you have kids, you know how huge that part is.  have a good weekend all, i'll tell you all about my amazing weekend when i return!


  1. I AM RIGHT HERE!!!! I am so sorry babe!!

    I bought a new url LOL. stupid me!!!

    I love the mug!! So cute!!

    1. phew - THERE you are, i was starting to think i was losing my mind! :)

  2. Oh, this is so cool! I might have a tiny addiction to collecting cool coffee mugs. Not sure if I should get in on this swap though. My husband already thinks I have entirely too many mugs, lol! ;)

    1. i love collecting cool mugs. and hankies. and s&p shakers. and vintage pyrex/ovenware. yikes, i'm starting to sound more like a hoarder and less like a collector!

  3. But just in case... is there a link for this mug swap? ;)

    1. I am the one who hosted it. I think I will host it again.

  4. Glad you love it! So happy we were linked up! Have an awesome girl's weekend!

  5. Now that sounds like an awesome weekend! Hope you get to sleep in to your heart's desire :) The mug is gorgeous! Heather

    1. Thanks, I did and it felt AMAZING! :)


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