Monday, August 13, 2012

girl's weekend recap

girl's weekend - amazing!
the weather?  no bueno...
but we made the best of it and still had a great time.
lots of shopping, lots of relaxing, lots of wine & eating.
we did get in some beach time, although not as much as we would have liked.
but regardless of that, we spent time together.
with no kids, no men, and no worries.
it was bliss.
oh and i slept in until 8:30 every. single. day...
pool time

some beach time

enjoying some wine & movies in my new pj pants (early birthday gift, thanks Mom!!)

the three of us, hanging out in bed - movies, wine, games, ice cream.  heaven.

and then i came home to this sweet little face.  oh how i missed him.

happy monday!

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