Thursday, August 23, 2012

food: this or that.. & detox tea update!

who's ready for a little fun?
remember way back to myspace days when we'd all fill out those surveys 20 times a day?
oh wait, i'm the only loser person who did that?
well that's neither here nor there.
chelsey from clean eating chelsey did a food survey and i just had to do it.

Food:  This or That?

Mexican or Italian?
italian.  i love pasta.  love love love it.  i could eat it every single day.  i don't, b/c i eat the largest bowls of pasta, and lets face it - if i did that every single day i'd be super sized.  i do love mexican though and that is my second favorite, but italian has my heart.

Chips or Fries?
fries - i'm a total fry junkie.  if i have the choice of fries i always get fries.  i'll even pay extra to tack them on my meal.  they're one of my favorite guilt foods, except i don't really feel guilty about my love for them.

Almond Butter or Peanut Butter?
ugh, so hard.  i've been having a love affair w/ "butters" lately.  all of them.  almond and peanut included.  but i'll have to say i love peanut butter the best i think.  it's classic.

Cake or Brownie?
baked goods are my ultimate weakness, and i cannot answer this.  i love cake, and especially frosting, ya know the sickening sweet kind?  that's my favorite.  but, my mom makes the best brownies, and i love those too.

Strawberries or Blueberries?
if someone wants to trim and cut strawberries for me, then strawberries.  if not, then i'll just easily rinse the blueberries on my own and they will be my favorite.  i think i love them both equally taste wise, but blueberries are quicker.

Thin crust pizza or Deep Dish Pizza?
thin.  i've always been a fan of thin crust pizza.

Coffee or Tea?
coffee.  i'm a "coffee freak" as my husband likes to call me.

Chicken or Steak?
chicken, it's so versatile and i never get sick of it.

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
dark for sure!  i think everything made with milk chocolate should have a dark chocolate version.

Apple or Orange?
apple.  honeycrisps are my favorite variety, they're so darn crispy (go figure..). 
detox tea update/results:
i didn't reach the 7 day mark, but we're leaving for the shore tonight and i don't feel like lugging all my stuff down to make my tea, so the results are in today.  let me start by saying that i'm on day 5 day i still like it.  i actually like it a lot.  i weighed myself this morning and i'm officially down 5 lbs.  so that comes out to 1 lb per day, so lets say after today i'll be down 6.  not too shabby.  and i know, it's just water weight, it'll come back - that's fine.  stuff like this is a good jump start to get you motivated!
happy (almost) friday!


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